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 Ultimate clan Rules

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PostSubject: Ultimate clan Rules   Ultimate clan Rules EmptyMon Sep 22, 2008 8:59 pm

Arrow History:

The Ultimate was create by Anarchy99, Joaninha, Uuuuumaga and Darkwalk3r.
All begun when their former clan was dismissed and they start thinking on a project driven by friendship, honor, brotherhood and valor.

Arrow Hierarchy:

The clan hierarchy is similar to the regular chain of command of the army's out there.

1st leaders (anarchy99, joaninha, darkwalk3r, uuuuumaga)
2nd generals
3rd knights
4th rookies

The members once enter the clan, have the status of "Rookies" and after some time and some evidence of work done with clan they will raise their rank to "Knights".

Arrow General Rules:

1.Respect all members.

2.Respect and follow the leaders commands.

3.By absence of online leaders, the clan is commanded by generals.

4.It's forbidden to scam, trick or do any illegal activity. That actions will result in dismission from the clan.

5.All and every member have the duty to help their clannies when they need.

6.Everymember need to answer when a leader call for something like raids or events.

7.We are a peaceful ally and thats how we behave. We dont PK ppl just for fun or if they're in our way.
PK is allowed to those who are listed in our KOS (Kill On Sight) list, and to all declared enemies.

8.Everybody is responsible for his/her own behavoiur. For example everybody who gets PK should have a bsoe (when/if we get CH) prepared, so he doesnt drop his equip.
But if it does happen anyway because of PK, if its picked up by an ally member, the item is of course handed back to its original owner.

9.We collect all Fulldrops/SoulCrys we get in Clanparties(example: from RB Parties or Dino Island Parties) in our Clan Warehouse. Additionally we collect all Keymats(example: SOM Blades, Tallum Plate Armor Patterns etc.) from A Grade upwards in Clan Warehouse too. These will then be handed out to those Members who need them most.

10.Of course the Server rules of theAbyss are also to be followed by all Allymembers.

11.We dont flame/insult in our ally. We are all civilized people and we SHOULD behave like this.

12.We all choose one char as our main char. you need to play mostly on this char. ofc you can always have second chars, but you should play mostly with your main.

13.Every member should read the forum at least once a day.

14. Only English should be spoken in clan chat. To use other languages use PM please.

15. Everyone should announce when he/she comes online and all should reply. We want everyone to feel comfortable and accepted in our clan. We are a family and would be nice if we have good relations inside the clan.

16.If someone is looking for a party everyone who is lvling should offer him to join the party. Were a growing clan and especially our low members and our members with classes that are difficult to lvl need to be lvled.

17.Your first sub should be a char that either uses the same gear as your main or a Class u can offord to well equip, since Nobless takes second place after 3rd Class on our Priority List.


Arrow Raid Boss Rules and Future Spread:

Arrow RB Drops

1.The Drops of the raids will go to the CWH for future spread. ("DROPS TO CWH" IS NOT THE SAME AS "DROPS TO ME")

2.When 3 OR MORE members enter in a Raid Boss Party (RBP) the drops will go to CWH, if its less than that drops will stay random, except on EPIC BOSSES, which ALL drops go to CWH no matter how many ppl kill it.

3.The spread will be made fairly and of course with privilege to the ppl that WAS in raid.

4.There are some Raid Bosses like Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda, Baium and Barakiel that ANY member need to ask in clan first if some one need it before the raid starts. Those bosses are special bosses to Subclass and Noblesse.

5.As i said before the members that were in raid will have an "advantage" getting those drops which DOESNT mean they will get them. If some one in clan need the drop more than any guy who were in raid, the drop will go to the most needed person. Dont worry, your time will come too.

NOTE: i wont stay with any drop if i dont really need it.

Arrow Siege Rules:

1.Sieges are announced on the forum. We meet 1 Hour earlier.

2.Everyone who is available should come. Who isn't should post it into the Siege topic of that date.

3.If your class cannot be used, you can still bring a buffer or a healer.

4.Follow the orders of the leader of the siege. Partyleaders are the ones who MUST report to party what to do if the members dont see what is written on command channel.

5.When we have a command channel, follow the orders the channel leader gives, unless I or ur partyleader says different.

6.Always hold the party together, stay near the other members of your party and don't run ahead on your own.

7.If the order is to RUSH the enemy, EVERYBODY runs towards the enemy, and attacks!

8.To win against any party we should kill first the healers and OL's. Try to know who are they (we will try to inform also in the right moment) and make macros.

Arrow Grand Olympiad Rules:

1.When you meet a clan memeber in the olympiade, first ask if he wants to fight you.

2.When fighty anybody else you can of course make a tie with him/her if both agree, but u dont have to if you dont want to.

3.We will try to make class-based to feed some classes soon.

The rules can be changed anytime, so read this post as much as you can.

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Ultimate clan Rules
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